Skin lightening is a popular cosmetic procedure in the USA, that treats skin disorders such as melasma, post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation, age spots, sun spots and more. Skin lightening is the procedure which involves chemical treatments to lower the melanin (gives color to the skin) pigment in the skin through various techniques to remove the darkness from the skin thus providing a lighter complexion. Melanin is produced by cells called MELANOCYTES. The quantity of melanin in a person’s skin depends mostly upon the genetic buildup. Sometimes when it is in excess locally in some parts of the body, it results in dark spots and they appear black.

At PURE Medical SPA, Chicago we have highly trained and skilled staff with qualified doctors and experienced therapists who are experts in skin lightening and smoothening procedures.

Skin lightening, treatment is effecting for improving:

  • Overall skin lightening
  • Dull and dark skin

Benefits of Skin Lightening:

  • Anti melanogenic properties
  • Richest anti-oxidant
  • Treats skin darkening
  • Resolves pigmentation issues
  • Clears sun spots
  • Reduces wrinkles